HyperCube Films, Ltd. was formed in 2013 by its founder Tom Costabile. Tom was working on the horror feature “VooDoo” when he created the company and has since diversified it’s marketplace in the industry.

In 2015, HyperCube Films created its Production Services Division offering Studio Services to low budgeted filmmakers.  In 2016, HyperCube Films created its Film Financing Division designed to raise funds for it’s own pictures as well as outside projects that are presented and approved by the Development Department.

The business of Motion Pictures is constantly evolving.  In today’s marketplace, there’s a greater need for quality content than ever before.  Studios are making less pictures every year to accommodate for the mega budgeted comic-book films they’re consistently releasing.  This creates incredible opportunity for independent filmmakers for many reasons.

As HyperCube Films focuses on it’s mission to release the highest quality pictures and to continue assisting independent filmmakers, the future of the motion picture industry, it will continue to grow into the company Mr. Costabile envisioned.