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“You really must see this film”
–, Simon Abrams

Strong lead performances and a startling twist juice up the found-footage exercise.  Even gore hounds may find the movie’s nightmarish final half hour excessively violent.”
– LA Times, Noel Murray

Groundbreaking.  VooDoo has one of the most powerful plots and storylines in Horror cinema.”
– Decay Mag, Stacy Cox

“VooDoo is a slice of Devil may care genre filmmaking.  The likes of which I long lost hope of ever seeing again.  Excellent.”
– Bloody Flicks, David Dent

“One of the most deranged and psychologically twisted worlds ever to appear in an indie film.”
– Morbidly Beautirful, Josh Hancock

“Past the ’10’ marker on your decency meter.”
-Dread Central, Matt Boiselle

“It’s surreal and disturbing imagery will stick with you.”
– Beneath the Underground, Jim Morazzini

“VooDoo is a relentlessly twisted affair.”
– The Independent Critic, Richard Propes

“VooDoo is highly recommended to both fans and detractors of the found-footage genre.”
– Nerdly, Mondo Squallido

“Slowly builds up and up until chaos descends.  A dark and brutal horror.”
– Games, Braaains, and a Headbanging Life, unholydarklotus

Original and unique.”
– Hellnotes, A. Renee Hunt

“Truly unnerving imagery and moments.  Memorable work.”
– Cinema Crazed, Emilie Black

“Be prepared to be freaked out!”
– Search my Trash, Michael Haberfelner